• A Unique Translation of Quran

    A Unique Translation of Quran

    Author – Khursheed Nadeem Translation – Ammar Bakhsh What days and nights do we spend and with what wiles do we spoil our tongues and pens? I opened the Quran before suhūr. Surah was in […]

  • Arrangement of the Qur’an

    Author: Javed Ahmad Ghamidi The surahs of the Quran are not haphazardly compiled as is generally thought. They have been arranged in a specific order by the Almighty, and like the arrangement of the verses […]

  • Coherence in Quran

    Author: Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Each surah is a coherent collection of verses. These verses are not disjoined and haphazardly placed in a surah. In fact, each surah has a theme and all the verses are […]

  • Is the Quran a Shapeless Book?

    Author: Mustansir Mir One of the long-standing objections levelled against the Qur’ān by its non-Muslim critics is that it appears to have no regular form or structure. It is said that its verses follow one […]

  • Principles to Discern the Coherence(Nazm) in Quran

    Author: Amin Ahsan Islahi To describe the principles of how to discern nazm is more important than to enumerate the arguments in order to substantiate its existence in the Holy Qur’ān. A person does not […]